Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo for iPad 10.2 & iPad Pro 11 with Protective Case

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo for iPad 10.2 & iPad Pro 11 with Protective Case

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Product Description

Discover Seamless Connectivity and Unparalleled Protection

Step into the new era of office productivity with this innovative wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo tailored for your iPad. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it offers the perfect blend of form, function, and flair.


Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Perfectly fits iPad Pro 11″ models from 2019 to 2022, and various other iPad models from 7th to 10th generation.
  • Dual Mode Mouse: Equipped with BT 4.0 and 2.4GHz connectivity, easily switch between two devices with just one mouse.
  • Extended Battery Life: Enjoy continuous usage for up to 100 hours, with an impressive standby time of 100 days.
  • Multifunction Shortcut Keys: Navigate your iPad with ease using shortcut keys. From software switching to language input method transitions, control is right at your fingertips.
  • Durable Protection: With waterproof, shockproof, drop resistance, and anti-dust features, your iPad remains safe in all conditions.


Why Choose This Combo?

When you’re seeking a seamless connection between your devices, especially for those crucial presentations or binge-watching sessions, this keyboard and mouse combo is your go-to choice. Best used for prolonged office tasks, virtual meetings, or when you need that extra layer of protection for your iPad. What makes this product truly special is its compatibility across multiple iPad models and its user-friendly design, ensuring you have a smooth experience every time.

Product Benefits:

  • Effortless pairing with the unique “FN + C” Bluetooth pairing mechanism.
  • Adaptable to various operating systems: IOS, Android, and Microsoft.
  • Smart sleep feature conserves battery when not in use.
  • Made of high-quality PU material, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Adjustable mouse DPI settings cater to different user preferences.


Ready for a Game-Changing Experience?

It’s time to redefine your iPad’s potential. With this wireless keyboard and mouse combo, coupled with a protective case, you’re not just buying accessories – you’re investing in convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. Elevate your productivity game. Order yours today!

56 reviews for Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo for iPad 10.2 & iPad Pro 11 with Protective Case

  1. Sammy Gibson

    The packaging was excellent, providing ample protection for the product. Additionally, it included a screen protector. I opted for the sky blue color, and it looks fantastic!

  2. Sam Dean

    I never thought these would become affordable enough to have such a variety! I love how lightweight and sturdy the keyboard is, and the mouse pleasantly surprised me. I’m constantly on the road, and there are times when I need to write something up. Tapping on the screen can be a hassle, so this was exactly what I needed!

  3. Jessie Allen

    It’s a good case, but it feels a bit on the cheaper side.

  4. Jody Harris

    I absolutely adore it! It makes using my iPad so much easier.

  5. Carmen Mason

    I bought this for my iPad Mini, and it fits perfectly! The case may seem a bit bulky due to the keyboard, but it’s not that bad. The keyboard works well, although it took a little getting used to because of its small size, but I adapted quickly.

  6. Ash Forbes

    The case, keyboard, and mouse are all good, but the color name needs to be changed because it’s neither purple nor blue…

  7. Kai Weiss

    I read some negative reviews and was unsure about buying it. However, I really wanted the keyboard case and mouse, so I went ahead and made the purchase. I’m delighted I did because I love it. It’s nice and cute, and the color is spot on.

  8. Nicky Hunt

    I’ll be honest; this keyboard is excellent. The color is fantastic, it types smoothly, and the mouse is not only cute but also performs well.

  9. Bennie Ochoa

    I had reservations about purchasing the case because of the negative reviews 🙄, but when I received the product, it turned out to be perfect! It was well-packaged, had a lovely blue color, and the mouse/keyboard connected to Bluetooth effortlessly, with long-lasting battery life. Definitely worth the money.

  10. Bennie Forbes

    Exactly what I needed.

  11. Isla John

    I LOVEEEE IT! I got it for school, and the Bluetooth for both the keyboard and mouse work perfectly. Plus, it just looks so cute; I’m loving it!

  12. Leah Nicholson

    This case is the best!! Since all the components are Bluetooth, you can use them with other devices as well. It’s the perfect shade of pink and doesn’t get as dirty as one might think. The case itself is very sturdy, while the keyboard and mouse are great, just be careful not to drop them.

  13. Emily Collins

    I’m so glad I bought this!

  14. Alexandra Hussain

    The color is beautiful and very sturdy. The packaging was perfect, and everything works flawlessly. I love this case and plan to order it in more colors.

  15. Kate Mcdonald

    It’s a good value for the price, but it doesn’t provide a stable surface for writing. The keyboard is loose and moves around too much.

  16. Jemma Cox

    The build quality is quite solid, and I love the silent click of the mouse. The keyboard is pretty standard. The only drawback is the area where I charge my Apple Pencil; it doesn’t register unless I apply a lot of pressure to make contact for charging.

  17. Addison Walker

    I’ve been using this case for months, and it’s one of my favorites. However, I can’t give it a full five stars because I have to peel back the side of the case every time I want to charge my Apple Pencil. Initially, it was fine, but it has become annoying over time.

  18. Julie Buck

    I’m very happy with it! If I had to be nitpicky about one thing, it would be that I don’t like the keyboard pressing against the face of my tablet when I close the case. However, this can be resolved by switching to a regular case or using a piece of foam that came with the original product. It’s a minor detail, though.

  19. Autumn Conrad

    I really like the case, but I occasionally encounter issues when connecting the mouse and keyboard to my iPad.

  20. Carly Graves

    Overall, it’s a great purchase, although it may require some practice. Additionally, the delivery arrived earlier than expected, and the entire process went smoothly.

  21. Harvey Jordan

    I’m not entirely pleased with the color; I was hoping for purple, but it appears more blue. I’ve been trying to convince myself to keep it, but I’m not thrilled about having a blue case. I still want the product, but I’ll exchange it for a different color.

  22. Spencer Hudson

    To demonstrate how well it works, I’m writing this review using the keyboard and mouse. Since it’s for an iPad mini, it takes a bit of practice to get used to the keyboard’s size. Both the mouse and keyboard are incredibly comfortable and easy to connect. The design is also incredibly cute.

  23. Daniel Stewart

    Everything functions as it should, and the quality is impressive given the price. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  24. James Lowe

    I absolutely love this combo. I debated whether to get it for a while, considering many options and comparisons. This is the only keyboard case that comes with a mouse. I found another one with a touchpad mouse, but it had mixed reviews. This keyboard and mouse combo works very well together.

  25. Sean Hudson

    The charging slot is on the wrong side, which can be confusing.

  26. Kelvin Herman

    It’s a great combo for the best price. However, the material stains easily.

  27. Jayce Mendoza

    My computer is about to break, but now that I have the keyboard, I’ll start playing games like Minecraft on my iPad. The keyboard is kind of small, but I have a mini 5, so it’s okay. The texture of the case is really nice, and I like it.

  28. Dax Mcguire

    I love that this case securely holds the iPad, unlike the Apple Smart Keyboard. My iPad feels more secure, and I trust this case much more than my Smart Keyboard. The quality is impressive, and the mouse works perfectly. I’ve had it for a while now, and I love it.

  29. Vaughn Stein

    The case itself doesn’t feel as sturdy as I would like, and some of the flap tabs feel a bit thin. The keyboard has a somewhat plastic feel, but the mouse feels pretty good. I liked how easy it was to connect both the keyboard and the mouse. There were many cute colors available, so I ordered three for myself and my sisters. Overall, it’s a great value for everything included, and I highly recommend it to anyone in search of such a product.

  30. Jerry Fernandez

    The mouse uses a different charger than the one that comes with it, which can be annoying. It seems to be working fine so far and was easy to set up.

  31. Eliza Day

    Great product. The color might be slightly lighter. I have to press the space button quite hard for it to work. The mouse lags a bit when scrolling. The case is sturdy, and the keyboard is lightweight.

  32. Rose Walsh

    This is a must-buy for iPad users. It comes with a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around. I love the round keys.

  33. Georgia Ball

    The mouse doesn’t match the keyboard at all. The keyboard is black and white matte, while the mouse is glossy and a single solid color. I wouldn’t have bought it if it weren’t a matching set.

  34. Rebecca May

    I absolutely love this case, keyboard, and mouse. They have been incredibly helpful for my college classes.

  35. Amy Gordon

    Some of the keys do not correspond to what you’re typing. For example, when I press the hyphen key, it displays a question mark. This issue applies to all the symbols on the keyboard.

  36. Jada Combs

    I love that it fits my iPad as a case and also comes with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

  37. Zoey Cleveland

    Good case, nice color. It would be even better if there was a pocket or something to hold the mouse, but overall, it’s a decent case.

  38. Lia Frost

    I absolutely love this set! It fits perfectly on my iPad, and the pencil fits snugly. Both were easy to connect to my device.

  39. Elena Pruitt

    It will serve its purpose for occasional use. If you plan to use the mouse and keyboard daily, I recommend spending a bit more for better quality. This set may not hold up to daily use.

  40. Charlie Martin

    I’m glad I didn’t spend over $200 on another brand. This is both beautiful and works wonderfully.

  41. Frankie Ryan

    It’s pretty, but the keyboard keys can be a bit sticky and occasionally fail to register, which can be frustrating when typing quickly. However, the battery life is good, and the case fits my 9th generation iPad perfectly. The quality is really good.

  42. Luca Scott

    It performs as advertised and arrived on time.

  43. Mason Taylor

    Great product! It took a bit longer than a month to arrive, but I am satisfied with it. I wish the part of the case holding the iPad could be separated from the larger pink case so I could use it while drawing. However, it looks and functions exactly as expected. The seller included keyboard stickers, decorative stickers, and a protective screen glass as a bonus. Thank you.

  44. Aidan Duncan

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when it arrived, but everything works well. The keyboard is cute and has a satisfying clack. I was a little confused by the mouse because there are two directions for the power switch, but one is for USB and the other is for Bluetooth. The mouse works well, and I love it.

  45. Thomas Cooper

    I love it! I’m using it for my schoolwork, and I have no complaints. I would definitely recommend it. The instructions were very clear, and it’s highly compatible with my 8th generation iPad. The mouse was included and connected quickly; it works great. There’s also storage for a pen, although the pen is sold separately.

  46. Leonidas David

    The keyboard arrived promptly! ✅️ The mouse connected instantly and can be used either via Bluetooth or USB connection. Initially, I had trouble connecting the keyboard, even with video instructions. I reached out to the seller, and they responded quickly, helping me resolve the issue. If you have the same keyboard without a touchpad and are experiencing connectivity problems, simply hold down FN + C simultaneously, and it will work perfectly! The keyboard has a pleasant keypress, and all the buttons function as they should. The case’s magnet is strong. Additionally, the seller included a protective film for the iPad and some adorable stickers as a gift. ❌: The purple color is not as pastel as expected; it’s darker and closer to gray, but it’s acceptable to me. The top of the mouse feels like cheap plastic and is quite sensitive, requiring small movements, but this might be a plus for some. ▶️ In summary, I am satisfied with the product, everything works, and the seller is helpful.

  47. Payton Baker

    This product is fantastic; it’s cute and feels like it’s made of high-quality materials. It paired seamlessly with my iPad.

  48. Sebastian Espinoza

    I’m in love with it! The lilac color is darker than I expected, but it exudes an elegant charm.

  49. Bobby David

    I initially had some difficulties activating the keyboard connection, but I received helpful instructions that resolved the issue. It’s truly an excellent product.

  50. Bret Barker

    The product was very well packaged and arrived ahead of schedule. Initially, I encountered a minor challenge connecting it via Bluetooth, but thanks to a helpful review from another buyer, I was able to resolve the issue.

  51. Lesley Patel

    I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of shipping, and the product arrived in perfect condition. Pairing it with my device was a breeze, and it works exceptionally well. I wholeheartedly recommend this product.

  52. Skylar Reid

    It works perfectly with my 9th generation iPad. To connect it, simply turn it on and press Fn + C while having Bluetooth enabled. Then, select it from the available devices, and it connects flawlessly.

  53. Charlie Thomas

    Honestly, it lived up to my expectations. It arrived faster than the initial tracking estimate. The clicking sound of the keyboard is charming and visually pleasing. I even received free stickers and a screen protector – a pleasant surprise!

  54. Erin Sutton

    I loved everything about this purchase! The seller was incredibly kind and attentive, shipping my order promptly and addressing all my queries. As for the product itself, it’s beautiful, functional, and simply perfect. I highly recommend it. Plus, it comes with free stickers, which is a delightful bonus!

  55. Jody Solis

    It’s beautiful, appears to be of great quality, matches the product image perfectly, and even includes a screen protector and sticker. I’m grateful that it arrived in my city so quickly. I’m delighted with my purchase, and the seller was accommodating in providing a Spanish keyboard as per our agreement. The product was also well-packaged.

  56. Haiden Hall

    I absolutely loved it! The delivery was surprisingly fast, and the seller went out of their way to send me a Spanish keyboard, which had been a recurring issue for me. Both the wireless mouse and keyboard perform flawlessly. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.

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