Minimalist Women Watch

Minimalist Women Watch

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Availability: 27 in stock

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Product Description

When you have nothing to prove
There’s plenty of watches on the market. Big, small, with diamonds, without diamonds, minimalistic or flashy. But finding a witty one is quite a task. Not anymore!
Petite and sweet
A feminine, soft, and airy accessory for women
Luxury of subtleness
The braided strap tastefully accentuates the small dial. It looks like a vintage bracelet, but it actually is a watch. It’s minimalistic, yet chic.
Made from the trusty zinc alloy
This alloy is extremely corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. Your joy and grace will linger for a long time! Enjoy the durability!
3 bar water resistance
It means that the watch is resistant to splashes and mild water damage. Showering or bathing with it, however, will harm the watch.
Product specifications
Strap length: 8.66’’ Strap width: 0.78’’
Dial diameter: 0.86’’ Case thickness: 0.31’’
Certifications: CE & RoHS
Find the best adjustment!
Enjoy the carefree vibes
This watch is an embodiment of carefreeness. Simple, light, and airy design adds a bit of ease and flow to your look, preventing it from being heavy or extra serious. If you need something easy and subtle – that is a find for YOU.

27 reviews for Minimalist Women Watch

  1. H****n

    I loved it until the band broke.

  2. R**e

    It’s a nice watch. Elegant. Simple.

  3. L***h

    Very nice fit and a unique look.

  4. S****a

    My most favorite watch ever bought.

  5. B****a

    I love it. It looks sophisticated and neat.

  6. C*******a

    Better than expected! So very pretty! I adore it.

  7. D****e

    I love this watch. It is a lovely modern look for your wrist.

  8. M******e

    This watch is a great design and it is a wonderful time piece.

  9. D******a

    This watch is absolutely gorgeous. Great value and classic styling.

  10. E***a

    This watch needs a thicker electro-coating so the gold doesn’t wear off as quickly.

  11. J**y

    Just love this watch that can be worn with everything from jeans to professional clothes.

  12. J*****r

    Slightly cheap sound where the bracelet joins the watch face. Gave it away as a gift instead of keeping it.

  13. G****a

    Attractive, affordable, and comfortable to wear. Easy to put on and take off! Goes with all your wardrobe.

  14. J***e

    This watch is perfect for my small wrist–it does not turn over! Love the design. Easy to put on, too. A winner!

  15. A*****a

    To me the watch just had a very cheap feel to it. Feels very light, too light. So I don’t expect it to be too durable or long lasting.

  16. S***a

    I bought this as a gift and it was a huge hit. The watch is more beautiful than it appears in the ad – and the value is undeniable.

  17. K**a

    It’s a nice watch. Elegant. Simple.

  18. B***y

    This is cute & lightweight – easy to take on & off. It is great for everyday wear, but looks good for dress up as well. So affordable – it just makes sense to have – why pay more? It keeps time 🙂

  19. S*****a

    Got this as a birthday present for my wife. The pictures above don’t do the watch justice. Actual watch is even more beautiful and looks pricey. Wife was very happy, which makes me happy 🙂

  20. M******e

    This watch is mediocre at best. I gave it to my wife as one of the presents. Her face and my face best captured the moment, faces that just weren’t too excited about it, and simply said “oh”. It’s fine for an everyday watch.

  21. I**a

    Dainty but durable, love the white face. Lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The face has no scratches after wearing it often over the past month. All in all, a very nice watch and a great value.

  22. D**a

    Nice watch to have, comfy, light, not huge, not too teensy. Just be careful with water. Got condensation in line from washing my hands a few times with it on, but it dried out okay and kept working.

  23. C***o

    This watch was PERFECT for me. I have a very petite wrist and this watch fits flawlessly. I HATE watches but have to wear one for work. This works beautifully because it feels more like a thin bangle than a watch.

  24. R****e

    This watch is very delicate and pretty on your arm. The watch face is easy to read. I bought it for my 89 year old mother who cannot do clasps or straps anymore. It’s very pretty and mom says it’s worth it.

  25. R****a

    I absolutely love this watch with its elegant design. It is a very feminine watch, and looks nice on my wrist, with understated elegance. It is easy to put on and read, and I would definitely recommend this watch to my friends.

  26. C******a

    I ordered this watch for my birthday. It’s a nice, sleek, and classy watch. It’s perfect for my small wrist. The only complaint is that the small clasp jewelry is kinda impractical to put on everyday. Anyway I’m happy to order this watch.

  27. T***r

    I have very small wrists and all watches I have ever worn move and twirl around my wrist on their own. But this stays put, and it’s comfortable! I don’t have to worry about it moving and getting in my way at work or catching on things because it’s so loose. This is my second purchase. I gave the other one to my sister because she has tiny wrists too!

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